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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hamas kills more Palestinians than Israel

Over the weekend two events occurred in which Palestinians were killed:
  • Israel bombarded terrorist installations and strongholds in Gaza
  • Hamas detonated a Katyusha rocket by accident in a military parade
In the bombardment by Israel which was an attempt to stop missile attacks into Jewish areas (there were roughly 50 missiles launched over the weekend) 20 Palestinians were reported injured by Palestinian officials and 12 killed. The Palestinians killed by Israel were terrorists mostly from Hamas and Islamic Jihad including Jihad Islami commander Sheikh Muhammed Khalil.

Hamas in traditional fashion had a military parade where they fired off rounds and marched with the newly acquired Katyusha rockets in Gaza (these have not been publicly in Gaza before, longer range, more damage than Qassam rockets). During this parade a Katyusha rocket went off killing 19 Palestinians. This is not the first time that Hamas has been asked by Palestinian officials to stop their military parades.

These parades accomplish nothing productive for Palestinians (unless you call inciting violence and prancing around showing "power" productive). These military parades ultimately hurt the Palestinian cause and show the true colours of the Palestinian terrorist organisations like Hamas.

Perhaps one day soon we'll see Palestinian parades of accords signed, societal and infrastructural accomplishments and maybe even terrorist attacks halted or prevented! Please G-d this should be the case soon. It is obvious to me as an outsider that this "display of force" and "call to violence" are not helping either Palestinian or Israeli society.


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