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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hamas stops attacks from Gaza

I heard on the news that Hamas has announced that they will stop attacks on Israel for the rest of the year.

In isolation this seems like a positive step but many facts are missing from this. Upon investigation Hamas actually said that they will stop attacks on Israel from Gaza. What a concession! Amazing how the mainstream media seems to be reporting that Hamas will stop all attacks. Do they not have access to the statement or to choose to ignore the part that says Hamas is still free to mount attacks from any other area? Bear in mind that this decision was endorsed by Egypt. Out of context it seems like Egypt might be helping the Middle East peace process but in reality Egypt is endorsing the fact that Hamas can CONTINUE attacks from other areas. The only process they seem to be helping in this context is the process of the destruction of the state of Israel. This is not my opinion of what Hamas meant but actually a two-part statement where a piece seems to have been omitted by the media.

Now let's look at why Hamas may have decided on this "generous" act. Since Friday over the weekend almost 50 Qassam missiles were launched out of Gaza. Israel decided to stop this barrage of missiles and the Israeli Defense Forces were given the go-ahead to do anything necessary to stop the attacks without killing civilians. I think this statement also shows Israel's high level of morality and concern for civilians of all denominations. Hamas uses high-density civilian areas for its weapons factories and to launch attacks (what brave terrorists!). Despite being attacked constantly Israel still does everything in its power to avoid Palestinian civilian casualties. Israel bombarded Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist installations over the weekend killing 12 Palestinians including Jihad Islami commander Sheikh Muhammed Khalil. After the bombardment Hamas decide to stop Qassam attacks from Gaza. Could it be that they are afraid? Either of another attack or of losing face again?

Either way I think this response by Hamas in context of their response to the Gaza pullout says a lot about them as an organisation (other than being cowards). Israel pulls out of Gaza (giving them what they asked for) and Hamas call it a victory and vow to "continue until Jerusalem" and increase attacks. Israel bombards their missile installations and factories and they "decide" to stop attacks out of Gaza for a while! Join the dots on this one! This is who Hamas really are and this is why I believe giving in to their demands will never bring peace. This is an organisation that's objective and purpose is the destruction of the state of Israel; an organisation that only understands one language - violence. Sad but true.


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